Monday, December 3, 2007

Who wants to be a supervillian?

I do, of course.

Allow me to introduce myself; I am Dr. Nemonok, the galaxy’s greatest psychiatrist, though I am sure that you know that already.

My dark lord Galactor the Evil Galactic Gladiator sent me to Earth to sow a little destruction in the show Who Wants to be a Supervillain. As you must know, I am more of an “idea man” for Galactor, but I must admit getting my hands (so to speak) dirty in this fashion was quite refreshing.

Please enjoy my entries in the series:

I Win Of course I won. All these competitors with their amazing powers and fantastic abilities were clearly no match for Dr. Cerveux H. Nemonok, super genius.

Power to people I bring the ultimate doomsday device to China.

A meeting of the Minds I congratulate AOC on getting to the final round as well as enact a secret, evil plan against him.

Silent Night Holy Terror My crew, along with a few friends I picked up along the way, invade the North Pole to destroy Christmas.

Super Happy Destructive Robot Time Go In this challenge, my henches and I build a giant robot of doom in Japan.

Evil is afoot (figuratively speaking, of course) My henches and I join the most evil group on this planet -- Halliburton.

Deeds, not words Part two of the challenge in Central America, my henches and I easily defeat an American commando team.

Location, Location, Location Part one of the challenge where I build a base of operations in Central America.

The Doctor is in Mr. “Butler” spends some time on my couch. I also begin a new experiment -- an experiment in love.

Unexpected Debt Mr. “Butler” responds to our session.

A Simple Plan I round out my team with a fourth member and lead them on a bank robbery.

Evil Influences Using my evil psychiatrist abilities, I convince some of my competition to put on a little dance show.

In need of an entourage I hire my crew of henches.

Getting "Comfortable" I am assigned quarters as well as learn a few things about the show’s host.

Darkness from Space My arrival to this game.

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