Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Ah space.

There’s nothing like it.

It’s dreadful, really.

I had grand plans for that Earthling’s brain, I could have done much with it. I could have ruled Earth with it – ruled it purely for scientific purposes of course.

Then those rotten heroes led by Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator had to come and rescue him. Captain Koma was with them. I feel betrayed, he’s supposed to be on my side.

He scrambled my neural processes with his weapon and they absconded back to that Shi’Ar ship with Xavier’s brain. Then that infernal ship fired on my own while our defenses were down and we were unable to defend ourselves.

That Intergalactic Gladiator was responsible for that, I imagine. I could smell his grubby claws all over that cannon, if I could smell.

I was fortunate that my beloved Lilith and I were able to get away in an escape capsule. It pays to always be prepared for any contingency and though I will miss my Shadow Stealthship terribly, I have another to take its place.

Unfortunately, those stealthsips are difficult to come by, so I am forced to use one of my older ships. Ah yes, it has a classic feel to it that I like. I christened it the Alien Encounter, the irony of that does not escape me. The Alien Encounter isn’t much, but it is home now, I suppose. There’s a small lab and it has an updated warp engine and shielding system. I mustn’t get caught with my proverbial pants down, right?

As I am the greatest scientific mind in the galaxy, I have already begun work on another master plan to bring down that idiot gladiator. Reaching out into time and space I have contacted a merchant of sorts, one who owns one of the greatest and most unusual creatures in the galaxy.

It is called Chunkstyle, and it is some space cat of sorts. It can divide into four separate creatures with powers beyond your imagination. As a small bonus, Lilith thinks cats are cute so I got that going for me as well.

With my new space cat, I will soon rid this galaxy of that infernal do-gooder once and for all!


Vince Briefs said...

I have one too.

Bill S. said...

Me too!

Stupid duplicating ray...

captain koma said...

Hey I took you out cause I made a deal with the X-men.

Also you used my tech to take out Xavier without asking me.

I'll take you down if you ever do that again.

Dr. Nemonok said...

Do you seriously think that you are the only creature in the entire universe who is capable of coming up with a Neural Neutralizer? We have been using devices such as these since you hairless apes were still hunched over in caves. Such a self-centered race you humans are.